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Filter out empty lines in WordPress

The visual editor in WordPress sometimes adds blank paragraphs against your will. Learn how to use a simple WordPress filter to remove all instances of <p>&nbsp;</p> from you posts’ content.

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2 WordPress plugins for responsive websites

Starting a new responsive website? These two plugins cover some recurring front end necessities.

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Free WordPress plugin: Correct My Headings

For a correct heading hierarchy: on single posts pages AND on archive pages.

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Password protected area in WordPress

If you ever need to set up a simple password protected section under WordPress, these snippets and plugins might come in handy when you’re hacking through your theme.

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Exclude trackbacks from recent comments listing

To spare some time I tryed googleing for don’t show trackbacks in recent comments but wasn’t able to find anything relevant at first glance. So, if you have the FreePress Recent Comments Widget and the long site titles from the

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