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Filter out empty lines in WordPress

The visual editor in WordPress sometimes adds blank paragraphs against your will. Learn how to use a simple WordPress filter to remove all instances of <p>&nbsp;</p> from you posts’ content.

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2 WordPress plugins for responsive websites

Starting a new responsive website? These two plugins cover some recurring front end necessities.

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Free WordPress plugin: Correct My Headings

For a correct heading hierarchy: on single posts pages AND on archive pages.

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Password un-masking: Show passwords in clear text

Useit.com recommends it: “It’s time to show most passwords in clear text as users type them.” Here’s what it looks like on the web…

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inFrame: Open Links in Iframes with jQuery

Using inFrame the reader doesn’t have to go away from the blog post to view external HTML demo files. Just add a class of “inframe” to their links.

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How to update an HTML image gallery (PHP tutorial)

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps involved in building a databaseless PHP admin section for Smooth Gallery. When done, without much effort you should be able to adapt the code to fit any similar JavaScript image gallery.

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Using captcha without displaying it

How I use captcha without making my users complete the barely readable word Capthca sucks. For more information on how much captcha can suck see John Willis’ post Top 10 Worst Captchas. But at the same time it can be

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Reasons not to use flash

Why shouldn’t you use flash for your website? Can there be anything wrong with a website that “enhances” the user experience by flying/zooming/swirling/flipping in like a .PPS document? Well, besides the lack of SEO, low usability (for example: back button

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Firefox and Opera background-image bug?

Update: Fixed! Scroll to the end of the article to see how to fix this. Large centered bg image + Firefox + 800×600 resolution = trouble. Ok, let’s say my website has the following CSS code for the body: background:

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Secure a flat file using a .php extension

I need to store some sensitive data (user names and passwords) in a flat file. I don’t want to make any use of databases because this would defeat the whole purpose of the project. Of course, the passwords will be

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